Everything You Need To Know About Chemistry: Part III


Everything You Need To Know About Chemistry: Part III
Can you trust your chemistry? Find out!

When you miss the warnings, you've entered the world of fantasy. If it’s not just lust you’re after and it's true love you desire, understand that true love does not exist in the world of fantasy. We all know this to be true. How many times have you said or heard, “The fantasy is over!”” So you don’t think I’m a complete stick in the mud, know that I love fantasies! Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that when true love meets your fantasy versus forcing a relationship to become what you dream, the experience is radically different. What Is Our Greatest Addiction?

When you have the wonderful discovery that the life you’re living has just exceeded any fantasy you could have ever created, you’ve finally learned that by removing anxiety and projections, the end result will be a life that is extraordinarily beautiful. Love flourishes here. Learn the steps to get from fantasy to reality in Part IV, the last segment of this series. 


If you're not sure if you have True ort False Attractions, you can go to www.matchmatrix.com and get an instant calculation on Attractions.

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