Everything You Need To Know About Chemistry: Part II


Everything You Need To Know About Chemistry: Part II
You Are Not Hard-Wired for Guilt

In the first segment to this series I said that 50% of the population has a “broken picker”.

This is because Chemistry is a result of a “hard wired” energetic pattern you were born with. The old adage that “Men are attracted to women like their mothers” and “Women are attracted to men like their fathers” is true.


It doesn’t matter if you knew your opposite gender parent, or even like them. The connection is other than conscious and it is set off by the frequency you vibrate at, which like your blood type, does not change.

My studies were in psychology, sociology and statistics. When I was first told this, I thought,

“Bunk, just another very silly explanation for how people mess up their relationships!”

Yet, I couldn’t deny that the circumstances being explained were true. So I set off to prove it wrong. Now seven years into it with thousands of interviews and it hasn’t been wrong. Not a single time.

I can be really stubborn when I don’t want to buy into something, especially when someone says “There’s nothing you can do about it.” And when it comes to whom I like and why, you better have a good solution for me. Fortunately there is one.

There is something you need to know before you get the answers to

“How do I get my man or woman to want me and nobody else?” or

“How do I stop myself from charging headlong into another disaster?” or

“How does any of this help me find a relationship that will last?”

Although a potent elixir, Chemistry is NOT just about romance and sex. Our energetic attractions explain a host of relationship scenarios between people, regardless if the relation is romantic, with a friend, relative or a business associate.
Take the romance and sex away there is still a draw (or not), with everyone.

This means your decision to pick your friends, roommates, business partners and even which of your kids or relatives you feel closest too is partly driven by chemistry.

If you’re feeling guilty about not spending time with a friend, family member or lover, STOP. If you would rather work online or by phone than an in-person meeting with a business partner, that’s OK! Any guilt you have about any of these, ENDS HERE!

A GIANT step to having an abundance of joy and love in your life starts with the elimination of guilt, resentment, shame and blame. These are all stories from your past that have NO truth in the present.

The answer to the three questions above begins here.

When you get that you’re hard-wired to be attracted to certain people you can let go now of the damaging stories and start with the most important first step, LOVING YOURSELF.

To love yourself, it helps immensly to know if you have a broken "Picker". Find out the answer to that question in Part III.


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