3 Steps to Successfuly Manage Your Combined Finances


3 Steps to Successfuly Manage Your Combined Finances
Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking There’s a Financial Path to Relationship Doom

Imagine what it could be like when a couple does not share the same Genetic Energetics around money.  One is laissez-faire and takes risks; the other is always obsessive, controlling or worried.  Simply being aware of their differences is 90% of what’s necessary to rectify their financial woes.

One of my clients is an active investor, both in the stock market and real estate. He is Non-conservative. His wife is Conservative. When I met them she didn’t want to know anything about his higher risk ventures because they completed unnerved her.


In their experience, when she did know about his investments she would constantly nag him for more information; so often that most of the time there was nothing new for him to share. The energy around her concern and focus was so invasive that the deals she couldn’t stop worrying about became self-fulfilling prophecies and they lost money.

He pleaded with her to let him do what he does best. She backed off and like magic they had a wonderful string of successes.  This sounds like they found a great solution, and to some degree it was. Except inside she felt left out and separated from something her husband loved to do. Her emotional resentment was building inside. When it surfaced they came to see me. Because of her disconnection other relationship issues became magnified and they had begun to question if they could stay together.

The solution came when they discovered their differences energetically. Instead of her thinking he wanted to avoid her or keep secrets from her, and him thinking she’s controlling and untrusting and just waiting for him to screw up again; they learned they are pre-wired for their logic around money and that it has nothing to do with one forcing the other to let go or take less risks. 

If you were a traditional therapist or a statistician doing a research study you would conclude, money issues are driving them apart. The deeper truth is they have an energetic disposition around money that, like their blood type, does not change.

They realized that it’s impossible to get orange juice out of apple. At this point they had a choice, let go of the relationship because of their differences and look for partners that are a better match, or appreciate and embrace the qualities and stay in the love.

These two found a solution. Her Conservative logic around money made her a great a manager of their estate. She managed the books, paid the bills, negotiated contracts, planned the travels and she enjoyed it.  He was the rainmaker and had a blast mixing high-risk ventures with conservative ones and made enough money to start contributing to a number of philanthropic ventures they both loved.  Guess who would look at the books when they considered investing in a non-profit? That’s right, she did, happily!

These two flourished instead of perished. 

This is possible for any couple. We must know the deeper truth about what we are energetically. It’s simply a matter of taking the time to responsibly examine our own financial history and beliefs. All of this combined easily takes care of a separation blamed on money.

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