3 Steps to Successfuly Manage Your Combined Finances


3 Steps to Successfuly Manage Your Combined Finances
Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking There’s a Financial Path to Relationship Doom

No relationship has every collapsed over money. I can already see the feathers starting to ruffle. Contenders, step on up!

Anyone who believes they can prove money is the number one cause of divorce, come journey to discover: it’s simply not the truth.

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Finances have never destroyed a relationship. Without exception there is always a deeper issue.

Yes, it is true that far too many people get into relationships without having adequate money conversations. Good news is there’s sound advice out there about tactical steps you can take before or even after starting a relationship.

I’m going to share some of these practical steps, and I’m also going to share a few deep insights you must know and you won’t have read before.

Most partners (romantic or otherwise) have little to no understanding of their Genetic Energetic™ characteristics. Which means when it comes to quality communication, lifestyle, how they energetically relate to money and sex, they could be at a huge disadvantage before they even begin.

Bottom line, relationships fail because couples are often in the dark about core traits and behaviors.  The good news is that this is one of the easiest and beautifully empowering things to correct.

Here’s How:

1) When it comes to money, your upbringing and experiences may very greatly. Discuss these in detail with your partner. Learn about your partner’s beliefs and what they are accustomed to, especially in the financial areas where they have the greatest concerns.

2) Past relationship experiences around money will always carry forward and it is critical to discuss what worked and what was problematic in the past. Vulnerability and openness create strong, healthy, lasting relationships. Go in fearless. 

This is not just a discovery process. You must come up with acceptable solutions as issues from the past are revealed, or you risk missing out on critical emotional exploration. The goal is to establish comfort and trust so when money issues surface there is already a safe and solution oriented platform to work from.

3) We all have one of two types of Genetic Energetics around money, Conservative and Non-Conservative.

The financially Conservative person is always aware of money, sometimes to the point where they obsess so much they literally push financial abundance away. There is an easy solution for them. They need to focus on the benefits of what they do and the contributions they make in the field where they are earning money. I can’t over emphasis this. Missing this one essential focus can mean the difference between financial ruin and massive abundance.

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The financially Non-Conservative person can appear to be very irresponsible about money, easily overdrawing their bank accounts or surprisingly finding themselves broke…multiple times.  The amazing thing is they never obsess about it because money always shows up when needed. They are rainmakers and by their energetic nature they attract money.

Non-conservative people are likely to have things like 401Ks and retirement plans because they know without these systems in place they might not be ready for a rainy day.

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