3 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Nationwide


3 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Nationwide [EXPERT]
Gay marriage not only benefits gay people, it benefits the entire country.

2. Fewer mental health problems. Mental health and addiction problems improved when same sex marriage is legal. In the study population depression and other mood disorders lessened and suicide attempts went down. Substance abuse and other addiction issues all improved as well.

3. Acceptance. Being allowed to fit in and live like your neighbors improves self-esteem and helps people make better choices about career, relationships and other important lifestyle issues. Your sense of moral worth and ability to see yourself as an equal and a valuable contributor to society are heightened.


It's difficult being a minority in a majority culture. Once the majority culture decides to recognize the minority people, in this case LGBT people, as an important and legitimate part of the society, the entire society benefits. Since LGBT people are now happier and healthier, they are also more productive and better situated to give back to society.

Depending on what the Supreme Court decides next spring, same-sex couples married in any state that has legalized gay marriage may finally be able to have the same social security, disability, tax preference and retirement rights as heterosexual couples. This would be a positive message and a large step in the right direction for justice and fairness in the United States.

If this sounds like you or anybody you know, contact me through my website for more information. I'm here to help at www.larrycappeltherapy.com.

Larry Cappel specializes in same-sex relationships and a licensed marriage and family therapist. He can be reached through his website if you'd like to talk about any aspect of your relationship. He can be reached through his website at www.gaymendenver.com

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