Are You Thinking About New Years Resolutions?


Are You Thinking About New Years Resolutions?
Happy 2013! Are You Excited To Go Back To Work Or Wish To Stay Home? 7 Questions To Ask Yourself
  1. Joe has a brilliant career. In his early 40s he’s a partner in a law firm and well respected by his customers and his coworkers. His personal life is another matter. He’s been divorced twice and his current wife is telling him that something needs to change or he’ll be divorced again. Joe loves his wife but he also knows that even though he knows how to be a good partner in a law firm he doesn’t know how to be a good partner in a marriage.
  2. Ken is a rising star in a large utility corporation. As a director of finance he is younger then many of his pears. Due to his willingness to work hard and bulldog-like insistence on getting each little detail right he is trusted with many important projects for his company. As he puts it: “I like my work. I’m good at it and it feels good to be well respected. Yet I’m miserable. I am so stressed out that I have trouble sleeping. I worry constantly that I’ll screw up and get fired. My temper has gotten so bad I’m arguing with my wife and kids over stupid things. I can’t keep living like this.”
  3. Mac is a successful manager in a state government office. He loves his job and thought he was leading a charmed life. He comes from a loving and supportive family and was in his 10th year of realtionship with his life partner. He recently discovered that his partner is having an affair and wanted to end their relationship. His work started to suffer and he felt like his life was falling apart.

I am so passionate about this that I’m focusing my work with people towards Personal Success Coaching for Successful Professionals. So not only am I available to help with career/interpersonal issues but I am now focusing on helping you feel just as successful in your personal life as you do at work.

If this sounds like you or anybody you know, contact me through my website for more information. I'm here to help at

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Are these qualities that you value in your life? If so and you've run into a wall that you can't figure out how to get around then I'm here to help. Call me, email me, or simply schedule your own appointment online now. My passion is to helping people to embrace their true nature and to create a loving, successful and wonderful life for themselves and their loved ones. Change is possible. Transform your life into the life you’ve always dreamed of! Don’t wait another day!


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