Are You Thinking About New Years Resolutions?


Are You Thinking About New Years Resolutions?
Happy 2013! Are You Excited To Go Back To Work Or Wish To Stay Home? 7 Questions To Ask Yourself

Now that the holidays are over we are all getting back to work again. I’m wondering, how you feel about going back to the daily grind?

Of course, for some of us going to work is a welcome reprise from the holidays. But for other’s I suspect that you are not looking forward to going back to work.


Either way, life I short. And if 1/3 of our time is spent at work, 1/3 of our time is spent outside of work and 1/3 of our time is spent sleeping, those 2/3 of our time spent awake needs to be the joyous and meaningful. Work needs to be meaingful, joyous and non-stressful and our personal life, family, friends, activities, creativity, etc. needs to be meaningful, joyous and non-stressful.

If you are dreading going back to work ask yourself:

  • Am I unhappy because of work conditions; ie. bad boss, being stuck in a cubicle etc?
  • Am I unhappy at work because I am doing work that is not satisfying or meaningful to me?
  • What keeps me there? Put a name to the fear that stops you from making the changes you need to make.
  • If the job situation is good and your work unhappiness comes from something inside you, then ask yourself this: “Why haven’t I sought out some help to sort this out for myself? Why do I just keep trudging along and creating suffering for myself?

If you were unhappy at home at are relieved to go back to work then ask yourself:


  • What is the source of my unhappiness at home? Is it my relationship with my partner? The lack of a partner? My kids? Get specific.
  • Conversely, what am I doing with my attitude, my way of thinking, my habits and behaviors that are contributing to my unhappiness. Again be specific.
  • Then once again ask yourself: “Why haven’t I sought out some help to sort this out for myself? Why do I just keep trudging along and creating suffering for myself?

Take some time as part of this New Year’s passage to 2013 to ask yourself these questions. Then decide to act. Make your New Years resolution a resolution to make meaningful and positive change in your life!

Perhaps you relate to what these people experienced:

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