7 Ways To Make Real Change In The New Year


7 Ways To Make Real Change In The New Year
Don’t Make New Years Resolutions! There is nothing like failure to discourage you from changing.

7. Don’t let a setback derail you. In the world of addiction treatment there is a familiar saying: “relapse is a part of recovery.” If you fall off your plan for a day, get back on it the next day. One day is not a disaster, giving up completely is. Persist, persist, persist! If you are feeling discouraged call or visit one of the people that you originally told about your goal. Don’t be afraid to ask for support from your trusted friends and family.

Research shows that if you can keep one goal going for one year you are very likely to continue it or another goal into the next year. Remember, personal success is a longterm project. You’ll be far more successful in the long run if you approach change as the tortoise and not as the hare. Jackrabbit starts and stops don’t not lend themselves to permanent change.

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This article was originally published at yourdenvercounseling.com. Reprinted with permission.
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