What Made Kony Creator Crack?


What Made Kony Creator Crack?
What led to Kony creator's naked breakdown on a San Diego street corner?

As the YouTube hit number grew astronomically for the Kony 2012 video, so did the scrutiny of the Invisible Children Organization. Many questioned whether all of the money spent on creating the video took away from funds that could be going towards helping the people. People also wondered if the Kony video wasn’t just a mechanism to gain more money by selling the kits, t-shirts, bracelets, and other goods. The kit itself is $30.00 at kony2012.com. People also questioned whether the founders of the organization didn’t just use it as a way to pay their salaries, employ their relatives, and fund expensive vacations. 

Was it in fact stress along with the dehydration/malnourishment that in fact caused his psychological break?  Can stress create these symptoms in a young man?
Perhaps the severe stress and overwork caused something called severe delirium in Mr. Russell. Delirium occurs when there is some form of organic dysfunction within the body. If he was in fact severely dehydrated and malnourished as stated by his family, it could have created those symptoms that he displayed in the TMZ video. Some causes of delirium include: severe lack of sleep, lack of food or water, traumatic shock, brain injury and others. So, in fact, his erratic behaviors could possibly be linked to his severe state of stress, dehydration, and overall exhaustion. 


If a person is diagnosed as having delirium due to an organic dysfunction, the first step is to optimize the conditions within the body, and specifically the brain. Being that Mr. Russell may have been severely dehydrated; the first step would be to replenish his fluids through an IV. After improving his biological equilibrium, the next step would be to reorient him to time, place, and date. Sometimes antipsychotic drugs are required to stabilize a patient.

His long term care plan would involve plenty of rest and proper nutrition. Psychotherapy would also be a good recommendation for continued care. Mr. Russell, unfortunately, will also probably face a lot of scrutiny, gossip, and judgment from society. Lets’ face it; stories like these are what keep media outlets in business. Media and gossip sites have huge audiences of people that read stories like these. In fact these stories are so popular that they completely overshadow a viral video that now has over 80 million views. When we do a Google search, the stories about his breakdown now completely overshadow the video that now has over 80 million views. The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Of Gossip [EXPERT]

Perhaps we can use this story as a lesson to not jump quickly to judgment about other people. There are many underlying medical and psychological problems that could be the explanation for people’s odd behaviors. Plato compared insanity to a divine gift and "the source of chief blessings among men." Don’t be quick to judge another person until you know what underlies their moods and behaviors. 

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