What Made Kony Creator Crack?


What Made Kony Creator Crack?
What led to Kony creator's naked breakdown on a San Diego street corner?

Hitting over 70 million viewers in just its first week the Kony 2012 Youtube video is now considered to be the most viral video in history. Because of this video the African warlord Joseph Kony is now known by the majority, and the hope is that Kony will be found and brought to justice. Having the most viral video in history was no small feat for co-creator Jason Russell, or anybody for that matter. Having the amazing vision to do something extraordinary requires a brilliant mind. I think that most people would agree that Jason Russell was a creative visionary who has already made a footprint on society.

It was a shock for many to hear that Russell experienced some form of breakdown this past week in which he removed his clothing and caused quite a disturbance on a San Diego sidewalk. TMZ obtained footage of Mr. Russell completely naked in broad daylight pounding his fists against the sidewalk. There are even some reports that he was damaging cars, masturbating, and making sexual gestures to passersby, although many of these details are unclear at the moment. Although he was not arrested, he is on a 5150 psychiatric hold and getting treatment for what could be considered a “psychotic break.”


The big question is what leads such a young, brilliant man to what many consider to be a “psychotic break.” Of course there are many reports that Mr. Russell was on some form of substance, although his family claims that these reports are completely untrue.  There is no denying that psychedelic drug usage could lead to the behaviors that Russell displayed on that San Diego sidewalk. The use of LSD, for example, can go astray and cause detrimental effects. Even worse than a naked tantrum in the street, there are reported cases of people plucking out their own eyeball while on LSD. 

Salvia is another hallucinogenic drug that is widely available and causes a short 15-30 minute trip. It has been reported that many salvia users remove some or all of their clothing while on the trip. After coming out of their trip they sometimes find themselves naked.  Many who have taken salvia compare it to being inside of a trippy movie like Butterfly Effect, Coraline, or Alice in Wonderland.

But all drug talk aside, Mr. Russell’s family insists that drugs and substances were not to blame for the young man’s peculiar behaviors. Russell's wife states that he has never had a substance abuse or alcohol problem. The family insists that it was a combination of exhaustion, dehydration, and malnourishment that led to his erratic behaviors on a San Diego street corner.

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