Throw Me Some Beads! Why Do Women Flash At Mardi Gras?


Throw Me Some Beads! Why Do Women Flash At Mardi Gras? [EXPERT]
What causes women to get completely wild on Bourbon Street?

Breast flashing and wild behaviors could also be attributed to the concept of gang mentality. With a little inhibition and the large crowds that exist, a single person could feel that their behavior is normal and not necessarily picked out of the crowd. One can feel anonymous amongst a large crowd of people they do not know, and thus, more prone to show the goods.

Another interesting fact is that many of the revelers are from out of town. Many of the partygoers tell interviewers that they are at Mardi Gras to “escape” their daily lives. They have the daily stresses of work or school, and feel like they need to let off some steam by going to Mardi Gras and completely letting go. For the most part, people’s behaviors at Mardi Gras are completely opposite from the behaviors that they display on a daily basis.  Kevin Barrow, a longtime resident of New Orleans states, “The tourists are the ones who participate. Nobody in New Orleans knows them so they can do things, be sneaky with it and have a good time. When they go home, no one knows what they have done.” The Cookie Mate—Make Him A Reality!


After returning home, however, the guilt and shame that comes with flashing one’s breasts at Mardi Gras can build and fester for some. Although once the act has been done it cannot be erased from one’s past, it is important to reflect on the situation and to change behaviors going forward.  Was alcohol to blame for the behavior slip? What can be done in future situations to prevent this embarrassing behavior from occurring again? We cannot change our past, but we can change our future actions. Remember that everything that happens in life is a learning experience. My Life Is In Disarray! [EXPERT]

The overall finding is that women engage in breast flashing to feel liberated and free. It’s a time of complete escape and abandonment of daily duties. A group mentality also exists that allows people to feel free to express themselves. Mix in large amounts of alcohol and Bourbon Street suddenly becomes a place of utter abandonment of life stressors.


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