5 Tips On Handling Mutual Friends & Your Ex


mutual friends
Can it all work out?

4. Don't expect your friends to take sides: In all likelihood, your mutual friends want to keep both of you around. It is up to your friends whether or not they will continue to stay friendly with your ex. Respect the choices that your mutual friends make. Do not try to sway them one way or another because it is ultimately their choice to make. Can Your Loved Ones Stay Friends With Your Ex?

5. Be careful about how much information you reveal to your friends: If there is information that you do not want being passed along to your ex, then be careful about what you say. Avoid sharing information that would cause increased conflict with your ex should it get back to him. Also realize that even though you may have unfriended your ex on Facebook, he may still be privy to information that you post on your friend's page.  


And if all else fails...it may be time to split ways with your mutual friends. If you do not feel that your feelings are being respected after communicating your needs, it may be time to move on and spend time with a different group of friends. Remember that building and maintaining friendships takes effort. A perfect solution cannot be found overnight, but through this process you will learn who your true friends really are. As the wise Aristotle once said, "misfortune shows those who are not really friends."

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