Healing Powers Of Kundalini Yoga


Healing Powers Of Kundalini Yoga
Learn about the psychological, physical, and emotional healing properties of Kundalini Yoga.

Larissa:  How do you explain that you maintain the neutral experience?
Kayla: It’s all about the breathing!  Breathing! Breathing! For example, you can block the right nostril and breathe out of the leftt which is the “moon.” This is for calming.  If you do the opposite it is the “sun.” The “sun” is for energizing.  You can also alternate the breathing for balance.  Whether you are feeling anxiety at work or your kids are stressing you out, and you just need to breathe, it changes you.

Larissa: What are your comments in terms of using yoga to treat depression or anxiety?
Kayla: Sometimes yoga can treat these problems more quickly than traditional talk therapy.  It’s the fast track and dives into the core of your issue.  You don’t have to go back and talk through the story.  It’s not about the story because everybody has a chapter or two.  It’s about how to change your story and who would you really be.


Larissa: How are the emotional problems addressed specifically?
Kayla:  The body doesn’t lie. Kundalini yoga address all aspects. It comes with different postures as student’s process their unique situations. There are sets for kidneys, heart center, lungs, glands etc. If you want to work on high blood pressure, there are certain meditations that are used. It’s so important to breathe our way through and to have a super strong core.

Larissa: If somebody reading this article wants to work on some of these things, what steps should they take?
Kayla: They can visit our site abundance-yoga.com Offering yoga retreats, private, and group sessions.  We are planning trips to Joshua Tree, Summer Solstice Espanola, New Mexico, Costa Rica for Winter Solstice, and Belize.  If you are interested in learning more about the amazing practice of Kundalini Yoga, Kayla Gayle can be contacted at 888.443.6443

Thank you very much for this helpful information, Kayla Gayle!

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