7 Days Of Sex: Why You Should Try It


7 Days Of Sex: Why You Should Try It [EXPERT]
Lifetime Television's racy new experiment brings couples closer together ... literally.

DAY 3: Lauryn talks about some of her insecurities and explains why she absolutely will not have sex during the daytime or while the lights are on. Lauryn and Brown end up having sex with the light on for the first time, and Lauryn and Brown both report feeling closer to one another. I Love Sex, But That Doesn't Mean I'm Easy

Meanwhile, Anthony hopes that bringing a change of scenery will spark things up for him and Anna. He takes her to a campsite and sets up a tent and a pathetic campfire. Anna is a little put off by it, so Anthony returns with flowers and takes her to a better sleeping arrangement. Anthony wants to show Anna that no matter what their financial circumstances are, they have to make the best of it if they want to start a family.


DAY 4: Lauryn goes to a sex shop and buys some sexy lingerie and other accessories.  She reports that she "learned so much" in an hour. Brown appreciates her effort and says, "she was very comfortable with herself." Meanwhile, Anna and Anthony continue to struggle and Anna tries to set up some important ground rules. She tells Anthony, "Be sweet to me and don't say anything to piss me off."

DAY 5: Lauryn and Brown continue setting aside time for sex. Lauryn has a revelation and reports that sex is like a great break from life. Meanwhile, Anthony continues some of his controlling ways. Anna complains, "there's nothing I can do right … once he's nasty to me … I'm outta here." How Can We Get Our Sex Life Back On Track?

DAY 6: Lauryn and Brown get into an argument when she doesn't feel that Brown is pulling his weight in regards to taking care of their children.  She reports, "I'm feeling a little stepped on." Brown makes it up to her by sending balloons to her workplace and then taking her out for a nice date night. They make up with one another and have an amazing evening. She comes home to find that he has set up a nice surprise for her: wine, chocolates, and the Cosmo Kama Sutra book that she wanted. Lauryn states, "I'm going to straddle his saddle tonight!"

Meanwhile, Anna takes charge of day six by renting a Porsche and picking Anthony up in it. He’s totally shocked to find her in a Porsche, and they have a great time together as Anna takes control in the bedroom later on. Anthony reports, “I’ve lost sight of the fact that Anna can be very confident. I felt that I had to swoop in and control the situations where she would have been perfectly able of handling things.” They end up having a great night.

Day 7: Lauryn and Brown sit down and have an emotional talk in which they make promises to one another. They both promise to make one another bigger priorities in their lives and to not neglect one another. They are both ecstatic with the changes that seven days of sex brought to their relationship. What Kind Of Condom Would Einstein Have Worn?

Meanwhile, Anna reports, "I was excited to see the Anthony that I know and love." Anthony recognizes, "In order to make a family work, we need to be on board as a team, and I'm going to start being a team member from this day forward." Both also discuss the idea of having a seven-days-of-sex anniversary each year in which they recreate the experiment.

The Seven Days Of Sex experiment ended up being a huge success for both couples as they learned how to communicate better, and to recognize the needs of their partners.

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