Aftermath Of The Drunken St. Patty's Day Text


Aftermath Of The Drunken St. Patty's Day Text
5 shots and 4 Guinness later! Steps to recover from your drunken text.

2.  Analyze the situation
– Who did you text? Was it a coworker, ex-boyfriend, current love interest? When was the last time you talked to this person? What is your history like with this person?  Are you on good terms or bad terms with this person?
3. Evaluate the response (or lack thereof) – How did the other person respond? Or did they not respond at all? Was it a positive response or a not so positive response?
4. Develop a game plan – How will you rectify the situation? Is it something that you can just let go, or will you need to sit down and have a talk with the other person?

Your response will depend entirely on the circumstances of your situation. If you had a positive response to your drunken text, then maybe love is in your future. If you are feeling utterly embarrassed, it may be beneficial to sit down with the other party to apologize. I think that anyone can relate to drunken texting, so chances are the other person will be accepting of your apology. Speak from the heart and do so when sober.


I personally have seen drunken texts go both ways. I have seen an “I love you” drunk text that received “I love you” in return. And I have also seen a drunken “I love you” text turn into an all-out fight, tears, and a break up!

Bottom line is to stay calm, develop a game plan, and take care of your problems immediately on March 18th. And pop a couple of Tylenols before you get started!... But please don’t let it happen again. Delete those old phone numbers out of your phone, ask your friends in advance to STOP you, and download an app on your phone to prevent this from happening again!

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