7 Days Of Sex - Episode 2: Success Reigns


7 Days Of Sex - Episode 2: Success Reigns
7 Days of Sex Episode 2 - Success Reigns again as two couples commit to having sex for 7 days.

Chantal and Derek try to put their three young children to bed, but it proves challenging as the children won’t stop crying. Derek states that they need to create a better system to get the kids to bed early. Overall it’s an exceptional night for both of them. Chantal states, “we were tired, but when you get busy… you get that adrenaline going.”

DAY 2: Galen is hoping that “through this experience she [Marilyn] can look at it through another person’s perspective.” Marilyn hopes to reignite Galen’s fire. Marilyn asks Galen to go to a lingerie store to pick her out something that really makes him think of her. Marilyn loves the new lingerie and describes it as, “super, super cute!” They have a great night and it is described as being, “awesome and fun.”


Chantal asks Derek to be Mr. Mom for the day to see if he can still perform at his best after a long, tiring day with the kids. Chantal states, “I don’t think you truly understand until you actually experience it.” Although Derek is exhausted after a long day with the three kids, they still have a great night together.

DAY 3: Galen asks Marilyn to be the instigator today and describes how he just wants to feel wanted and appreciate more. Marilyn states, “If Galen were to loosen up, I would be much more apt to attack him in bed.” They describe Day 3 as a “disaster.”

Derek and Chantal decide to have a date night and not talk about the children the entire evening. Over dinner Chantal states, “It’s the hardest job I ever had in my life… you have to understand that they [the kids] really drive me crazy.” Overall they have a superb evening together.

DAY 4: Marilyn tells Galen, “Don’t stop dating your wife.” Meanwhile, Galen wants to make sure that Marilyn doesn’t stop being interested in her husband. The two decide to go on a dinner date and pretend that it is their first time dating. Although it is a little awkward at first, they both describe a communication breakthrough. It is a great evening for both, and they are both smiling and laughing.

Derek makes a fancy dinner, and Chantal suggests a game of hide and go seek with the kids. The kids count while Derek and Chantal make out. It is a creative suggestion for them to get a little alone time together. The two end up having a nice evening.

DAY 5: Marilyn decides to be old fashioned and make some pie for Galen. Marilyn proclaims, “Lots of pie husband had” after a successful day 5.

Chantal learns some creative lap dance moves and is excited to share them with Derek. She comes home and talks with Derek about how she has been very exhausted lately, but that it is helpful to do some things to get back into the groove. As she talks about how stressful it is to be alone at home with the kids, Derek tells her, “Nobody put a ball on your foot and told you to stay home.” Derek then walks into the kitchen, tired of her complaining, and says, “blah blah blah blah blah.” They have a big FAIL for the evening.

DAY 6: Even though he’s exhausted, Galen pushes on for a good evening with Marilyn on Day 6 of 7 Days of Sex.


Derek admits to being a jerk and goes to buy Chantal a ring because he has never bought her a wedding ring. They also never had a proper engagement. He gives Chantal a cute gift; they make up, and end up having a pleasant evening.

DAY 7: Galen and Marilyn recommit to one another in front of their friends and family. Galen promises to listen more and be more attentive. Marilyn promises to not only stop and listen, but to also give Galen, “two types of pie!”

Derek promises to do more with the kids, be more attentive, and also meet the emotional and physical needs of his wife. He then gets on one knee and proposes to Chantal in front of their friends. Chantal states, “I am just thrown away by this whole thing and I’m really happy.”

SUCCESS REIGNS on 7 Days of Sex!



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