7 Days of Sex - Episode 4 Recap


7 Days of Sex - Episode 4 Recap
7 Days of Sex, a new Lifetime reality series, continues to amaze with lessons for love and romance.

Day 3: Laura makes a mess of the house just to see how Mike reacts. Mike comes home and says the mess is, “annoying… very annoying!” They still end up reconnecting, and Laura states, “that was the best sex ever.” She tells Mike, “you’re going to have a hard time topping this.”

Dianah drags Greg to the gym to get him to work out. She tells him, “I’ve got your best interests at heart.” Although he’s tired after returning from the gym, they have a great night together.


Day 4: Laura and Mike decided to go to a bar and pretend that they don’t know one another. They flirt and play pool as they discuss the potential for dating. They come home and receive a double check after having sex twice in a row. The “first date” theme seems to be a big aphrodisiac for many of the couples on 7 Days of Sex.

Meanwhile, Greg prepares an amazing dinner and bubble bath for Dianah, who happens to be out for a ladies night. Greg asks her to come home, and she is pleasantly surprised to find a fruit tray next to her amazing bubble bath. Dianah states, “at the end of the day I love him, and he loves me.”

Day 5: Laura invites Mike to come to a shady motel during the work day. He is pleasantly surprised with a massage and sex. Laura describes it as “incredible.”

Dianah asks Greg to go for a nice walk in the park and Greg obliges. As Dianah gets ready to go to the park, Greg tells the camera, “I don’t feel like going for a walk in the d#*( park!” Dianah overhears him and they start to argue. Fortunately they still have a successful night 5.

Day 6: Mike vows to loosen up and be more mellow. Day 6 is a big success for Laura and Mike.

Dianah and Greg have an awesome night of “popcorn” sex. It's so good, it's like popcorn!

Day 7: 7 Days of Sex Recommitment Vows Summary

Mike – “To be more easygoing. I’m going to try and let things slide… be more approachable, and try to embrace the chaos that is you (Laura).”

Laura – “To be more loving and passionate and to try to dress up for you…. To be more sensitive to your needs.”

Greg – “Promise to take care of myself… lose some of the extra weight… focus on our future… my downtime will be my quality time with you.”

Dianah – “I promise I will always tell you how much I love you. Without you I am nothing, but with you we are everything…. I will stop passing gas!”

It was very heart-warming to see Dianah state, “I see a totally different Greg.” The 7 Days of Sex experiment really helps couples to see one another in a different light. 7 Days of Sex continues to teach important lessons to couples for keeping the romance alive and well.

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