3 Powerful Parenting Secrets


Here are some top secret parenting tips to help make your life easier!

With Broken Record in Action:
Child: "I WANT CANDY!"
Parent: "No candy today." (maintain calm)
Child: "But, I want CANDY!"
Parent: "No candy today." (maintain calm)
Parent: "No candy today." (maintain calm)
...and eventually the child gives up. Over time, the technique becomes easier and more effective. 3 Ways To Help Your Kids Build Self-Esteem & Confidence

The broken record technique works because the child gets bored and learns that whining and begging does not help him or get the desired object.


2.  Determination—When faced with difficult parenting battles, we must maintain our determination as parents. Parent-child battles can be extremely harrowing, so it is easy to see why we might just throw our hands up in the air and give up. And whether we verbalize that we are giving up, or we just feel like giving up internally, our children can see it. Our children know us and they can read us. Children have a way of knowing whether they will win the battle or not.

With determination, we emotionally feel the strength to extinguish the negative behaviors. It does not require yelling or shouting, but internal strength that we have power in the situation. It is common for parents to worry or stress about potential power struggles with their children, but by having the internal determination we can stop it.

3.  Focus On the Positive and Eliminate the Negative—Just head to your local grocery store and you can probably find examples of parents rewarding a screaming child with some form of attention. Often what children want the most is just to have their parent pay them some form of attention. How much of the crying is legitimate and how much of it is feigned?

An eye opening statistic states that only 75% of mothers and about 50% of fathers hug their school age child on a daily basis. It is no surprise that children decide to "act out" in order to get their parents to pay attention to them. By focusing attention on children when they are being good, it is less likely that they will feel the need to "act out" for us to run over and talk to them. Focus on your children when they are being good, and pay less attention when they are exhibiting the less than desirable behaviors such as whining.

By employing these 3 parenting secrets in your daily life, you will start seeing more positive and less negative behaviors in your child. Maintain consistency with the 3 secrets and don't give up!

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