10 Fun Facts About Online Dating


10 Fun Facts About Online Dating [EXPERT]
Everything you need to know about finding love online.

8. More options, more problems. It's well-settled that when faced with more options, we are less likely to be satisfied with the choices we eventually make. For example, if a menu offers 30 flavors of ice cream, you're less likely to like the flavor you choose than if the menu only offered vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. 
Men are much more prone to this form of dissatisfaction than females, but it is important to keep this factor in mind when selecting an online dating site. 5 Tips for Boomer Women Dating Online

9. What stigma? A recent Pew survey found that less than 30% of people believe that online daters are lonely or desperate. The stigma associated with online dating has decreased, and online dating has become more socially acceptable. 3 Critical Online Dating Tips For Women


10. Post fun photos. Pictures that show you engaged in an activity are far likelier to stimulate a successful conversation. On your dating profile, post photos where you're doing what you love to do. Not only will they gain more attention, but they'll also offer something to talk about.

These tips should come in handy when looking for love online. But remember: these facts are just averages and not absolutes. Conduct your own research about online dating, and always stay safe when meeting potential dates. 

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