Secrets of Relationship Mirrors: Dramas, Contracts, Promises


Secrets of Relationship Mirrors: Dramas, Contracts, Promises
Your most potent and revealing relationships are the mirrors of you deepest personal issues

The conflicts that you may experience could be a vibrational match to emotional distress that you’ve experienced earlier in your first relationships with the members of your original family. It satisfies your dependency on the chemicals released within the body while you are feeling lost, unheard or guilty. Eventually, this type of interaction becomes your norm. Your body becomes dependent on the level of conflict energy stimulation.

For instance, when you find yourself generating situations where there is no way out or you are picking up fights regularly, you may be looking for exhilarating rush that makes you want to continue arguing, finding new hooks to engage your partners. If you are in need of stimulation, the fight will help you create much-needed “pick-me-upper” that paradoxically helps you feel better when you are really feeling worse.


If you become reliant on chemical over-production in your system, your inner pharmacy starts working over-time to support your need for your “emotional drugs”. Becoming aware of these tendencies is one of the major steps in balancing your relationships. If you become aware of your tendencies, you will be able to change your behavior before your inner pharmacy produces over-stimulating substances and shift yourself into production of more useful chemicals that are associated with higher emotional states.

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