Secrets of Relationship Mirrors: Dramas, Contracts, Promises


Secrets of Relationship Mirrors: Dramas, Contracts, Promises
Your most potent and revealing relationships are the mirrors of you deepest personal issues

Being in relationship is like being a pickle in the jar... Whether you want it or not, you'd be pickled by the brine inside. Long term relationships are just like that. When you stay together long enough, you either learn to enjoy the chemicals in your body produced during your interactions or you may grow to hate how you feel. In either case you become a bit dependent on the flavor your relationship gives to your life, so you may not even imagine yourself living without it.

Your All Knowing Higher Self is on a mission of discovery how the love feels on planet Earth. It chooses your closest relationships as a backdrop for each drama or comedy that you are playing out. Your most potent and revealing relationships mirror the deepest personal issues that you may be even hiding from yourself. Your relationships allow you to see these reflections in the eyes of people you love and people you hate.


As we collectively become more and more aware of how the intimacy of Oneness feels like, we also become more and more aware how living in separateness feels like. We start noticing the moments when we are unable to express our truth while being in relationship with others, but we still blame others for these incidents. If just for a moment we could stop blaming others for what is happening, we may be able to notice our need to be involved with these people or events generated in relationship to them. We may even notice that we are making choices that do not resonate with our value system or perspective like saying words we do not mean or doing things we do not care for. In the hit of the argument we cannot clearly see that we are taking on a false identity to please others and earn their love or destroy their opinion and their story.

The ultimate goal of forming and sustaining loving relationships is experiencing highest aspects of Love, flow of creative energy, self-respect and co-operation with others. These components of the deep intimate Love are most important ingredients in your Soul recipe. When you are given this level of love and commitment, you grow to be more aware of your innate gifts, and become more generous and more peaceful. At the same time, if you are not self-reliable and have difficulties focusing on your inner light when there is the turbulence in your outer enjoinment, you may be frightened to be real in dread of losing the attraction.

Suppressing your full self-expression, creativeness and desires in fear of losing the love of the people that offered you support in a first place can become yours second nature very fast. Same is even more present if you have to “work” on getting someone love and appreciate you. Trying to avoid discomfort of not being “good enough”, you may make decisions that really disconnect you from your authentic being.

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