Love or Fear: What is Really Happening in Your Relationship?


Love or Fear: What is Really Happening in Your Relationship?
How can you intimately relate to someone if you are losing yourself in your relationship? Where R U?

Being raised by worrying parents that teach us about life by using scary stories about “what may be happening if”, we grow up being fearful of what is ahead. We try to anticipate possible problems and protect ourselves from the future by creating more stories about “what may be happening if” that make us worry even more. Fear is an ancient powerful emotion. It helps you recognize the danger and survive in the moments of threat. Experiencing and recognizing fear is an important function of the nervous system without which your survival may not be possible. Being in fear releases powerful inner resources that help you endure challenges. These resources include hormones and chemicals that are detrimental to your body in the large quantities during quiet, more balanced times of your life.

This is a video article. The short video below will give you a deep understanding of how your body works and how your feelings affect every relationship you create. Watch this video segment before finishing this article.


When you mistake love for attachment, need, possession, you start overreacting and creating hormonal over-production that leads to dis-balance, dis-ease, and addiction to inner chemicals that produce these emotional, mental and physical states. As with any addiction, you begin focusing on getting more and more of these chemicals into your blood stream. For example, to produce more adrenalin that you crave, you start thinking about dangerous situations or provoke dramatic relationship conflicts, eventually becoming an adrenalin junkie or a drama queen.

How can you intimately relate to someone in your present, when you are stuck in the past or worrying about an unknown future? You need to see, acknowledge and address the fears you experience as real before you can continue your interactions in the present moment.

Understanding what you are afraid of is the first step in this process. Admitting and transparently sharing your truth with your partner is the key step in opening the doors of mutual acceptance and cooperation, so together you can dismantle the fearful story that aggravates your relationship. Sharing your own fear and uncertainty creates a level of honesty, transparency and intimate communication, but there is a difference between recognizing your role in creating walls between you and acknowledging that your partner may not ready for what you are looking for and stop demanding it. If your world does not feel right, Let go of the need to fix your partner and look deeper to find the vibration of Love and Oneness within.

We already know the unity in fear and we call it mass hysteria. We already know the unity in fight and we call it a civil war. We also know unity in eating green foods and we call it vegetarianism. It is time for you to give up fear and allow the time and space for oneness and exquisite creations of your love to grow.

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