Love or Fear: What is Really Happening in Your Relationship?


Love or Fear: What is Really Happening in Your Relationship?
How can you intimately relate to someone if you are losing yourself in your relationship? Where R U?

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“I love you so much!”
I love you too?”
These are the sweetest words for our ears.
Love is an amazing state in which your mind, body and emotions are 100% aligned with what you desire. It is a state when you are so overflowing with feeling good that you unconditionally share it with others, no strings attached.

How do you express Love?
Through worship and adoration?
Using affectionate words to show your love?
Longing for being with him?

Do you worry about where they are and what they do? Are you giving and receiving pleasure? Are you feeling intense emotional bond and showing tender affection and compassion? Are you having a passionate feeling, romantic desire, and sexual attraction? Are you eliciting deep interest and enthusiasm in a person you love?

Which words match the feeling you actually experience?
Do you often say (or think):
“I worry about us. Do you really love me? I am afraid you may leave me.”
“I am concerned about his work (health, finances, and friends)”
“I am not sure if I like his hobbies. He has to change them in order to accommodate our relationship.”
“I need him! I cannot live without him”
“You are my sunshine! My day is empty without you!”

Even though we use these words to talk about love, they DO NOT express LOVE. They express fear, attachment, and neediness that often create a major break point in many relationships. Just recently I have been coaching a young beautiful woman who fell in love and was deeply loved by your partner. He was the one who asked her for a committed relationship from which he escaped a few months later. As we looked into her love story jointly, she realized that she altered her independent, strong personality once they became “serious” and moved in together. Her major issue was insecurity and need to know he is planning to marry her soon. She lost herself to her fears and then lost him.

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