"What's The Purpose?"


"What's The Purpose?"
What happened next was just as shocking. A big question of “What the purpose?” seemed unanswerable

To me, 2012 came on 11.11.11. I had a great group of people over at my house some of whom I’ve been working with for a while, celebrating the new window into the future. The visions were strong the energy was beaming and the Great Pyramid in my practitioner room seemed to be glowing, receiving messages from higher dimensions.

This day had been a day of great unity and collaboration as many people were focusing on positive manifestations and inspiring thoughts. It was a day of the clarity and enthusiasm about possibilities that came with high vibrational voltage that literally jump started some people’s lives. I was observing clients and friends that lost their inspiration for life and have been half-dead for a while. For many it almost felt like a shock, for some it brought the next level of perception and many of us began seeing things in a totally different way.


What happened next was just as shocking. A big question of “What the purpose?” arouse from the deepest layers of my being bringing over a deep sense of sadness, almost grief. I looked at my creations – my books, my paintings, my videos, the letters people wrote about their experiences with me and felt a deep sense of purpose. At the same time something much bigger then my logic was pulling me into sorrow, melancholy, gloom. It felt as if the old paradigm of human drama, fight and courage, feeling sorry for yourself and barely tolerating anything that was not 100% the way I wanted to experience it was leaving and I was not ready to let it go. I was not ready to give up my expectations of three dimensional world, loving its drama, hating its drama and not letting go of its drama for the sake of having my true power hidden from me.

Then all of it became funny. All of a sudden, I’ve heard the words that I was telling to my clients in their moments of despair: “Non of it is really real! You are just seeing a reflection of your inner story on the stages of your life. You love exploring life and therefore, you are creating some dramatic scenes to explore. You are just a director, hiring actors for your own amusement. If money was not an issue and you lived 300 years, what would your movie look like? Where would you be? Who would you hire for playing main roles in your movie if you’d have 300 years to explore your relationships? What would you actually do if you had all this time and all this money?”

From this moment on it felt like someone imprinted this question in my mind, so I could not make another step without asking it again and again and again!

If money would not be an issue and I lived for 300 years, would I buy this dress?
If money would not be an issue and I lived for 300 years who would be my Tango teacher? If money would not be an issue and I lived for 300 years would I eat this cake just because it was in my refrigerator? BTW, what would I eat?

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