Energetics of Love: How to Become Happy, Healthy, Wise?

Energetics of Love: How to Become Happy, Healthy, Wise?

Are you aware that the Chakra system can be used as an instruction manual for your relationships?

You probably are familiar with the old traditional Chakra system philosophy. But may not be aware that the Chakra system can be used as an instruction manual for your relationships. It can give you a strategy about how you can communicate with your inner guidance and be able to manifest your dreams and ideas into your realationships and create a complete alignment in your life Now.

Every Chakra is an energy bank that allows you to deposit and withdraw your energetic currency to support physical activities.This important energetic structure was used by early humans as a navigational tool, a personal routing system for maneuvering and surviving in the rough physical reality. It meant to provide a practical guidance and help us remain true to our personal survival needs while being aware of the needs and demands of the physical world and our personal family/tribe.

Today, you can learn how to read your e-motions, the energy in motion, to make decisions that support you in every connection that you make. This video article will help you understand why you feel in a certain way while you are connecting to particular people in your life and how you pay energetically for not responding honestly to the most important questions of your life:

  • Do I create relationships that work for me?
  • Am I honoring my commitment to myself and my creative power?
  • Am I communicating clearly from the inner certainty, strength and wisdom of my Soul?

My goal is to help learn more about yourself, so you can honestly say to yourself: "I am a free Spirit. I am listening to my emotional guidance that helps me become wiser, and more intuitive and more loving every moment!

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