Bikini, Eyebrows...And The Waxing Power!


Bikini, Eyebrows...And The Waxing Power!

It's not a secret that number one in day spa's, skin care business are waxing services. Waxing is powerful all over the world and almost everybody talking about including Oprah, Dr. Oz....Movies directors made a hits: What Woman Want, 40 Years Old Virgin,

When I come to the US summer time Chicago's weather was huimid, hot. I remember every detail that evening when my best friend Stella couldn't stop talk about smooth skin and waxing

She impressed me enough, so I gave a shot and tried. It was 10 years ago but science that moment I didn't shave any part of my body.

Why the waxing is so popular? Wax service is much cheaper than laser treatments. Wax is simple, fast, and easy. After wax service skin feels silky, touch much pleasant, hair growing much slower, they are finner; skin is not itchy.

The real waxing power I saw in 2003 during Skin Care Conference at San Francisco, CA. Hundreds esthetician from all US come learn new, Brazilian waxing.


Tips before waxing service:

*Skip the gym. Avoid intense cardio for 24 hours post - wax it can lead to irritated bumbs from sweat trapped against the skin under tight - fitting clothes.

* Aproximetely 30 minutes prior waxing, take a pain killer such as Aspirin, Advil to lessen sensitivity. Before service...think positive.

Happy Summer! Happy Waxing!


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