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Are You Too Needy?

Society has sent women the message that having needs makes us "too much" for men. We have been told that wanting more time with a man or needing his affection makes us clingy and neurotic. This isn't true. Just because we crave a human connection doesn't mean that we are going to drown a man in ...

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How To Be Empowered In Your Relationship

If you think that being irresistible to men is acting like "Perfect Patty" (laughing all the time, hiding all your negative feelings, having a perfect body, cooking perfect meals and being "Suzy Homemaker" in your free time), you are asking your man to fall in love with an illusion of you and ...

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How to Share Your Vulnerability With Men

The only way to truly get into a man’s heart is to let him into yours. A man can lust after a hot body, a sassy attitude and a li’l red lipstick, but the best way to attract him and keep his interest is to give him a reason to deeply care for you. Learning how toRead More

10 Ways To Enchant Your Man

Want to enchant your man?  Look at no further than famous fiction.  The original enchantresses in the legends of King Arthur forced knights to honor them with what was termed “courtly love”. Under the spell-powers of these magical goddesses, ...

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Don't Be His Doormat, But Don't Be A Casting Director

I always want women to feel empowered enough to never be a man's doormat. There is nothing that feels worse than compromising your self-esteem in the name of 'love'. Love should make you feel great. It should make you feel like the best you there is. Love lifts us, it doesn't put us under the ...

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Are You Too Needy? [EXPERT]

Are You Too Needy?

Find out the difference between having needs and being needy!

How To Be Empowered In Your Relationship [EXPERT]

How To Be Empowered In Your Relationship

Is your man making you feel powerless? Cultivate your "Female Fire" and empower yourself today!


How to Share Your Vulnerability With Men

The "forcefield technique" may help you open up and expose your softer, more authentic self to him.


10 Ways To Enchant Your Man

Learn some modern-day attraction tips inspired by Old-World wisdom!


Don't Be His Doormat, But Don't Be A Casting Director

Love shouldn't make you feel like you are at the mercy (and under the feet) of an ungrateful man.

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