Don't Let Food Control You This Holiday Season


Don't Let Food Control You This Holiday Season
Learn how a "thinking thin" lifestyle will put YOU in control, not your food!

Start by understanding the concept of a "thinking thin" lifestyle. You can still enjoy the bounty of food that the holiday season brings but you don’t have to eat as much of it as often. You can consciously tell yourself “No, not right now” or “No, I’m not really hungry” or “No, I don’t need it”.

The minute you make the conscious choice to avoid mindless eating and slowly and deliberately enjoy what you’re eating - the taste, the smell, the texture - you are more likely to be in control. You can start implementing mindful eating and making deliberate decisions about something as simple as your portion size, or even whether you want to finish what’s on your plate. Something as simple as leaving food on your plate is a powerful choice. Finding the Perfect Diet Plan


Think about it, having control is a very powerful thing!

Your focus shouldn't be on what you can’t have, but whether you’re eating healthy and still being able to include some of the foods that you used to think were off limits for the rest of your life in your diet.

A thinking thin lifestyle has YOU in control, not your food. As you continue to enjoy this holiday season, don’t trade in your two minutes of pleasure for hours of guilt. It’s no longer worth it. To learn more about how to live a "thinking thin" lifestyle, click here.

This article was originally published at Thinking Thin LifeStyle. Reprinted with permission.
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