Words On Worth


Words On Worth
I believe the need to feel worthy is the most difficult requirement in today's society for women

I have seen so many individuals struggle with deeply held questions related to their personal value. These individuals, driven to prove their worth, have pursued success at any cost--amassing substantial material wealth, achieving high social stature, and excelling in specialized skills, only to find that nothing they accomplish fills the empty hole in their spirit. Ultimately, these individuals sought an external source to tell them that they were okay. Yet, no matter how much external validation they received, they weren't able to accept acknowledgement because they didn't personally believe in their own value.

On the other side of the coin, I have seen so many women hold themselves back from their brilliance and great work because of their lack of self-worth. We make sacrifices - it's what most of us have been taught to do to be "good women." We just don't believe that we can have what we want because we've spent a lifetime hearing others tell us that we can't. It's not true. We can do, be and have whatever we want.

And that is what I want for you. Because, as the old diddy goes... you're worth it!

This article was originally published at Kive Leatherman Wise Women Network . Reprinted with permission.
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