What's Your Procrastination Personality?


What's Your Procrastination Personality? [EXPERT]
We all put off doing certain things. The question is: why?

Arousal procrastinators simply thrive on the "rush" to get things done, and use their fear as a means of motivation. However, when they delay things until the very last moment, the stress can sometimes be too distracting and make it impossible to focus.

Getting rid of procrastination requires that you get out of your head. Instead of immersing yourself in the avoidance, immerse yourself in the outcome. To be comfortable with immersion in your goals and dreams requires more than just a schedule or reminder. While schedules and reminders can be helpful, they don't necessarily address the root psychological issues. (I know I am terribly guilty of ignoring tasks EVEN when they're on my calendar).


To immerse yourself in a task means that you stop observing your goals and yourself and get into the "thick" of things. But, to do this requires a certain state of consciousness; a willingness to let go of observing, and trusting your ability to act. 3 Easy Ways To See The Bright Side Today

This requires that you dare to own your life. You have to be willing to put your entire body into action: heart rate, sweat and all. In effect, you have to let your emotions exist as they are; fear, excitement, disappointment, boredom, dread... whatever the emotion, you must allow yourself to be "in it" without looking at it. 13 Steps To Perfect Passion

This form of allowance is what inspires people who act. We can exchange the thrill of last minute arousal, and the endless negative self-talk ("I am a horrible person"…. "I still haven't …") with the thrill of owning a life in a whole-bodied way, and having way more time to do it. "You Is Kind, You Is Smart, You Is Important!"

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