The Ways Women Leak Their Power


The Ways Women Leak Their Power [EXPERT]
Acknowledge your power and show off the strong, confident woman that you are!

Avoid this at all costs unless of course being "cool" is a priority to you.

  • By negative self-talk.
  • By ignoring your own boundaries and letting a needy friend talk your ear off on the phone for half an hour. (Thanks to those of you dear souls who did this for me very recently. You know who you are.)
  • By downplaying your looks, skills or strengths by deferring rather than owning compliments. The Way to True Love is Through Self Love
  • By letting someone else's small image or outdated perception of you become more important to you than the woman you feel in your heart and know in your soul you can become.
  • Try to avoid these ways of leaking your own power. You are a strong, confident woman. Don't hide that from the world! Be Wise! 

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    This article was originally published at Kive Leatherman Wise Women Network . Reprinted with permission.
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