Can You Take A Compliment?


Can You Take A Compliment? [EXPERT]
How saying 'thank you' can save your relationship.

3. Understand that you have no control over what other people say, think, or feel.

Listen, your man has his own perception of the world, as do you. Devaluing his feelings and thoughts is not loving, in fact, it can make you look straight evil and undesirable. I think you get the point. So, the next time your man, or anyone for that matter, pays you a compliment, I want you to do the following: Stop, Drop and Appreciate. 3 Simple Steps For Lasting Love


Stop yourself from shutting him down. In fact, practice saying nothing at all. Drop the thought that he is crazy because you don't believe his words. Remember, it's your perception versus his. And last but least, appreciate his words by accepting his compliment with a simple, yet highly effective, "Thank you." Isn't your relationship worth the effort in changing this bad habit?

If you are still having trouble accepting a compliment and know that you have some insecurities you need to let go of, I can help. Treat yourself to a breakthrough session or join some other fabulous women this May as I teach them how to rediscover and empower their inner vixen, their feminine alter ego that is definitely more than happy to eat up all the compliments the world or men have to offer them. 20 Ways To Amp Up The Love In Your Relationship

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