The Frame Of Mind Perspective On New Year's Resolutions


The Frame Of Mind Perspective On New Year's Resolutions
Learn the five steps you need to take to ensure that your New Year's Resolutions work - for good.

There’s a lot of debate about whether the 1st of the year is a perfect and natural trigger to implement life changing resolutions or if it’s only an excuse for a temporary behavioral change and ultimately a set-up for failure.

Here’s my take:


Any change, particularly a long-term change, requires the effort to mentally align with the change before implementation can take place with success.
What does that mean? It means that if we rely only on the fact that it’s the beginning of a new year, and wake up in the morning on January 1st expecting to be reformed, the experience will be challenging and will feel like heavy lifting. Despite our best intentions, heavy lifting is tiring and difficult to sustain and after some time, the initiative is usually abandoned. This is not a reflection of the weakness of the human spirit, but rather an indicator that the groundwork for sustainable change has not been completed.
People can make massive changes in their lives, like being smoke-free, or saving money, or increasing their fitness, if and only if their mindset is completely aligned with that change. Here’s where most people go wrong – they jump into the change without really being prepared.
How many times have we seen people attempt weight loss with short term success only to finally find the one thing that finally clicks into place with long term success? What created that success? Was it the diet itself? Not a chance. The real difference was the mindset.

So what does it take to lay the groundwork?

Laying the Groundwork for Sustainable Change - 5 Key Steps

Here’s what I recommend:

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