Men, Women & Money


Men, Women & Money
Who Should Pay for Dinner on a Date?

Every woman has either met or has a woman in her social circle that have no problem attracting men around them – even if they aren’t that good looking. This type of woman always seems to need something and looks like she’s incapable of taking care of herself – yet the men flock around her.

Know what her secret is? She makes men feel USEFUL around her.


You may be surprised to know that men are starved right now to be around women who ask for what they want and let men produce for them.

I’m not suggesting that women become complete wallflowers, nor am I suggesting that men cater to a woman’s every whim. This is more about sacrificing a little independence so men will have at least something to fix/do/produce so they feel needed by you in some way.

A man’s definition of a woman who can ‘take care of herself’ is not about whether or not she’s paying the dinner bill. He’s looking to see if she’s level headed, non critical, fun, appreciating him and graciously lets him know what she needs.

I am NOT saying women should NEVER reciprocate with money. What I’m trying to get across to women is only do that when it feels natural, not out of fear or obligation.

For women, the most valuable currency you can give a man is showing your appreciation every time they do something for you. Enjoying yourself while you’re on a date and letting a man practice chivalry with you has been and always will be priceless to a man.

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