How to Embrace Your Personal Power With Love & Money


How to Embrace Your Personal Power With Love & Money
With tax time just around the corner, I know that money is on the minds of many right now.

With tax time just around the corner, I know that money is on the minds of many right now. And, there’s most likely a host of limiting beliefs and patterns about your Money Story that might be kicking up for you right now.

If you’ve been listening to my recent tele-classes lately, I’m continually sharing how limiting beliefs about money are actually not about the money at all – in fact it’s never about the money, it’s more about what money represents – the power we give it and fears it can bring up.


One of the major fears that block the flow of what we want (money, a soulmate etc…) is a fear of being in our personal power.

Many people hold an unhealthy and false illusion about what personal power is. For example, if you define power as:

“I might hurt people with this”

“I don’t want to stand out”

“Others will be jealous of me”

If this is what you’re telling yourself about what having personal power is, then your going to run from it as fast as you can, right?

One of the ways we avoid being in our power is by living outside of our body. We don’t know how to manage our energy and don’t realize when you’re giving your power away, exerting too much power or when to call more power in when you need it.

One of the first things I do when I’m starting a session with clients who have a lot of issues kicking up is have them stop, breathe and bring their focus and attention to our session –I already know and can feel their out of their body.

Your personal power is really about embracing your light – your creative, lovely, feminine, life force energy that wants to come through. But, if you’ve made up a false story about what power means, you end up continually downplaying your greatness or suppressing it.

Marianne Williamson expressed this well in her (now famous) quote:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

We’re so afraid of standing out, you end up bringing yourself down to everyone else’s level. I call it dimming your light. When I’m coaching clients, the whole focus is about turning their “light switch” back on so they shine like a bright beacon for men and all the world to see.

Your light is your vital Feminine LIFE FORCE – and it’s huge! It takes a tremendous amount of energy to suppress this powerful Life Force that’s so much bigger then you. Talk about exhausting.

I coach many women who are burnt out in their life. They’ve spent a lifetime giving their power away to men and living every day dimming their light, suppressing their beautiful Life Force – this thing they’re afraid of, don’t know how to embrace or even understand.

When you have a fear of your personal power, it blocks your ability to attract money and a man. Why? You can only let in the amount of money and love your willing to utilize to express more of your power.

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