Beyond Mars & Venus: Truth About Men & Women Lesson #3


Beyond Mars & Venus: Truth About Men & Women Lesson #3
Today, we’re going to focus on Boundaries - lesson # 3 in this 5 part series.

An example of a character trait would be how they treat themselves, you and those around them. Do they treat waiters like servants or do they treat everyone with respect and a sense of equality?

Your preferences are your common interests, goals and values. When you list those out, think about what you could live with in another person and also what you could not live without. Just like the relationship I was in years ago, I got clear that I can’t live without a man being emotionally ready for a relationship. Look at past – or a present relationship – for clues.


You may see yourself in one (or many) of the above scenarios. If you do, take heart and have compassion for yourself. As I often tell my students and clients, you’re only doing the best you know how at the time – if you had more information before than you would have been doing things differently, so there’s no use beating yourself up. Be grateful this article is coming to you now!

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