Beyond Mars & Venus: Truth About Men & Women Lesson #2


Beyond Mars & Venus: Truth About Men & Women Lesson #2
Two core fears that run constant with men and women.

Now that you know what men need from you, it would only make sense to start giving the men around you a little extra approval – yes? This is what men are truly starved for and it doesn’t cost you a thing to do it. The men who have not treated you well in the past are not the men that are in front of you. Approval and appreciation goes a long way in a man’s world. It’s the fuel that keeps them excited to be around you and makes you extremely attractive because men are so short of approval and so few women take time to acknowledge men for even the smallest thing.

This week, start to pay more attention to anything a man does for you and make a point of thanking him. You can implement this on a date, in your current relationship or at work.



You may have become a little gun shy about putting extra attention on women or approaching women in general. Your attention might have been ignored or not received well, but that’s no reason to stop noticing and complementing women whenever you can.

This week, your job is to forget what’s happened in the past and look at women with a fresh set of eyes. Remember, many outwardly confident women have low self esteem and taking the time to notice anything about a woman makes her feel special. If you’re concerned about how to complement women at work without “crossing a line” then look where you might acknowledge them as a great boss, fun to work with or how dedicated they are to their children. Women value their community of friends and family so these are very safe areas that will light a woman up – I guarantee it!

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