Beyond Mars & Venus: The Truth About Men and Women Lesson # 1


Beyond Mars & Venus: The Truth About Men and Women Lesson # 1
Reasons why men and women find it a challenging to relate with each other.

So how can YOU start to bridge the communication gap in your own world starting today?

Below I’m giving an exercise that each gender can practice all this week to start making changes right away.


Exercise for Women

All this week, notice when you’re about to use your Secret Language (hint or innuendo) and turn it into a specific request instead. For example, you and a male co-worker are just about to go for lunch and he can’t decide on where to go. Instead of saying “I heard there’s a new Joey’s that’s opened up”, tell him instead “Let’s go to Joey’s!”. It’s a subtle, but has a man hear you much easier. It leaves no question about what you want.

Exercise for Men

All this week, start to really pay attention to what women are saying when they talk. When a woman mentions a new restaurant, lingerie store, casually mentions the title of a movie trailer that looked good etc…know that she is speaking her Secret Language. She is communicating something that she wants! Once you hear a hint or innuendo, start to get comfortable acting on it. For example, simply turn it into a question. It’s as easy as saying “Would you like to see/ go to/ have dinner at _____________?” (fill in the blank).

Practice this at work, with friends on dates or wherever you’re in the company of the opposite sex.

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