Ask Kim: "Where Can I Find Men?"


Ask Kim: "Where Can I Find Men?"
Where can I find men?!

Try to mix it up if you have been going to the same places over and over. Every city has places crawling with single men at lunchtime in the downtown core. Do some research in your area and ask yourself if you are dining with more females or males. If your lunch routine is to go to the food court, don’t hide yourself in the corner and talk on your cell phone – be out in the open where you can actually be approached by men.

The most important thing to remember is to be OPEN. Women have a tendency to be closed off when they’re alone in public. I understand issues of safety can come up. But, the world as a whole is a pretty safe place to live – despite what the news and endless stream of crime dramas would have you believe.


Linda, the tips here are actually 4 of the 47 tips and suggestions I share in a great CD set I created with another top dating coach Dating Made Easy: 47 Secrets to WOW the Next Guy You Date We created it specifically for women like you who are new to dating and need some extra support – highly recommend it!

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