"How to TRULY Connect With Your Ideal Man"


"How to TRULY Connect With Your Ideal Man"
Everyone has an equal amount of ability to manifest their heart desires.

4) Now, let’s put this all together. Create 2 headings “image” on the left and “= Value” on right. See my sample below to show you what to do with your descriptions and how to easily determine what you truly value:

Image = Value
Long conversations/sharing your day/ expressing your feelings Communication
Walking on the beach/hiking/sailing nature Outdoors
Meeting your parents/ Xmas dinner having children/ Family



Continue to do this with every image on your list and place the value next to it. You should end up with at least 5 – 7 values that stand out. Now you have an accurate, reliable compass to guide you every time you meet a new, potential mate – so great! On the flipside, if a new man in your life only shares 1 or 2 values, this is probably a strong indication they’re not a good match for you.

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