Ask Kim: “Am I Too Independent?”


Ask Kim: “Am I Too Independent?”
Do men want a woman who can take care of themselves?

Single people could certainly use a lesson in patience with the timing on meeting their perfect mate. I’ve always said there is a Divine Timing to everything and that includes when you meet the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. If you look back at every life altering encounter, job or person you met over the span of your lifetime, you would see there was a perfect order with how and when it happened.

So Carol, I encourage you to take these points to heart and remember them when your relating with the men in your life.


Letting a man produce for you, demanding as much of yourself as you would in a man, knowing your standards and never settling for less than what you want is not only a guarantee of you becoming a better woman, you just might find your ideal mate showing up on your doorstep.

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