“3 Easy Steps to Attract the Love You Want”


“3 Easy Steps to Attract the Love You Want”
Attracting a man is not rocket science. Attracting the RIGHT one however can be a little trickier.

If you really want to show the Universe you mean business, take ONE item from your Want List and ask a man in your life (neighbour/friend/family member) to produce it for you. Maybe you need a toaster fixed, your walk shovelled or you want a male with you to shop for a new car. Whatever it is, pick a guy you feel comfortable asking and go for it!

This exercise serves 2 purposes. First, eliminating aspects of your life that no longer bring you joy will create space for something better to come in (like a man!) Secondly, getting in the habit of asking men to do things for you instantly activates the energy of RECEIVING – behaviour that is very attractive to men.


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