Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Life?


Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Life? [EXPERT]
12 often neglected areas to assess to see if the old still serves you or you need something new!

7. Service to Self: If you are excelling in your service to others, you may be neglecting you service to self or vice versa. In your spring cleaning, you are basically looking for balance. Should you focus on one area to the exclusion of others, you will have "messes" popping up all over the place. What are you doing well to take care of yourself? What new can you add to do it even better?

8. Thoughts: If you are alive, your brain is functioning and talking to you all day long. Sometimes our thoughts are healthy and help us, but many times, they are limiting what we are able to accomplish. Take the time to be mindful by bringing your thoughts to your conscious awareness. Stop sweeping them under the rug and throw away the garbage, while strengthening the thoughts that strengthen you. The 'Think Positive!' Experiment


9. Behaviors: Behaviors mainly refer to the activities in which we engage. Are there things you do that waste your precious time? Are there behaviors you have that sabotage the things you really want by doing what "feels good" in the moment? (This coming from me who just ate a piece of decadent chocolate cake!) It's time to spring clean your habits. Which ones help you? Keep those. Identify the ones that don't and replace them with something new and improved.

10. Your Stories/Perceptions: We make up stories all the time, mainly about other people and their motivations. We have no idea what's in other people's minds, but we regularly tell ourselves stories about it. We want closure or a complete picture so we fill in the blanks. We think people are mad at us, don't like us, think we're unattractive, etc. without any evidence to support it. Why You Aren't Happily Ever After Anymore

I say, "If you are going to make up stories, at least make up ones that help you feel better, instead of worse." Check the stories you tell yourself and see if you can replace the hurtful ones with kinder ones. Your mental life will be much cleaner if you do.

11. Your Values: Most of us developed our value system early through the process of acculturation that began the moment our parents brought us home from the hospital. The process continues in our educational and religious institutions and our exposure to our communities and the media. We don't even take the time to assess whether or not our values are serving us because they don't feel like choices — they often feel like unequivocal truth. Now is the time to closely examine those values you hold dear and ask yourself if they are really true or just an opinion. Do Opposites Really Attract? [VIDEO]

If they are just an opinion, (and they are), then you can let go of the need to get everyone to see the "truth" in your values and simply let them be what they are...your opinion. This one effort at spring cleaning will reap huge rewards as you allow others to have their own junk in their junk drawer, just as you have junk in yours. They are treasures to each of you and you wouldn't think of censoring what someone else should or shouldn't have in their junk drawer.

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