The Cheerios Commercial: Is Interracial Marriage Still Taboo?


The Cheerios Commercial: Is Interracial Marriage Still Taboo?
The cereal brand wanted to depict a real 'American family' and no one expected such harsh backlash.

The discouraging part is that those who were in favor of the commercial left comments attacking those who were offended based on racial issues. The "racist" label was thrown around and it is my position that just as we are asking for people not to judge our opinions of interracial couples, so must we extend the same courtesy to people who think differently. Responding to hateful comments with more hateful comments will only continue to polarize these positions. I believe seeking understanding is the way to go.

You cannot help whom you are attracted to. However, what you do with that attraction is a choice. Behavior is always a choice. (See Secrets of Happy Couples.) You can be attracted to someone and decide not to pursue that relationship for whatever reason ... maybe one of you is married; maybe the person used to be in a relationship with your best friend; maybe based on your early teachings, you believe a relationship with that person would be wrong. You make a choice.


But why would a person who is attracted to someone from a different ethnic group need to say "no" to a relationship simply based on that?

As different ethnic group mix together in the workplace, greater and greater opportunity exists for indiviuals to fall in love due simply to exposure that hasn't always been present.

I can speak from my own experience when I say that the man I fell in love with, who loves me back, and I did not set out to be a couple. We got to know each other through a mutual friend and discovered all the many things we had in common. We do similar work; we share a love of reading and self-growth; we have similar intellects and spiritual belifs; and we are both musicians. We both grew up in the country — he was from the south, I was from the north — but country values prevail despite the location. One of our main differences is the color of our skin. Keep reading...

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