10 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health


10 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health [EXPERT]
InsideOut Empowerment can help improve your well-being.

7. Expanding either/or thinking to a both/and approach. In our Western culture, we often tell ourselves that we must choose between two options. But I say, "Why not have both?" Now, I do realize sometimes there really is a dilemma and a person must choose, but those times occur less frequently than you think if you begin to ask yourself, "How can I have/do/be both?" Why You Aren't Happily Ever After Anymore

8. Uncover your self-sabotage, while learning to minimize its hold on you. We all have some negative thoughts about ourselves that were installed in our psyche before we were old enough to distinguish fact from fiction. The fact that these negative thoughts most often came from those you trusted made it even harder to dispute. However, if you want to succeed at your goals, then you must bring your self-sabotage out from the dark of the subconscious to the light of day where you can examine its veracity. If you determine it simply isn't true (and it usually isn't), then you can let it go. Don't attempt to "do battle" with the ideas, as this gives them more importance than they deserve.


9. Accept others exactly as they are. They aren't likely to change — or at least not because you want them to — so you are only frustrating yourself with the effort. Know that everyone has one life to live in this go around and gets the option to spend it however they choose. If you don't like the way a particular person is choosing to live his or her life, then limit your involvement with that person. Stop trying to get people to change to fit who you want them to be. How Do You Set Realistic Expectations In A Relationship?

10. Move toward your goals at a pace that is challenging, yet doable, for you. When you set goals that are too easy, you can become bored. But on the other hand, if you make it too difficult, you may give up. Finding the right pace for you is essential to your success. 4 Simple Steps For Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

Take these ten steps and get your mental health tune up today!

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