Safeguarding your Relationship in the days of Social Media.


Safeguarding your Relationship in the days of Social Media.
Is social media a danger to my relationship? 4 Ways it can, 4 ways to safeguard, 4 question to ask.

For those four reasons, social media sites make it easy to cheat and it is up to you create safeguards to your relationship before participating in any of them.  Here are a few rules:
1. Don't say or do anything you think your partner would be hurt by or disapprove of.
2. Be very clear about why you are online (to yourself and others.)
3. Keep open communication about whom you have friended or whom you talk with and what you talk about. This may mean answering some tough questions to your partner.
4. Ask yourself the following questions and be stupidly honest about them:
• "Would my partner be happy if I was talking on the phone with this other person as much as I tweet them?" Or "Would my spouse be happy if I was meeting them for lunch/dinner as often as I send or read emails to/from them?"
• "Would my loved one say what I'm doing is really innocent or not painful?  What would my partner say if they read the texts/tweets/emails I am exchanging with this other person?"
• "Am I seeking something from this other person that I could be getting from my partner?"
• "Is my relationship in trouble?" (If it is, stay away from social media sites until you do something about it.)

Lastly, if you recognize you are online to find someone else, then turn off the social media and turn back to your relationship to see if you can make it work. Please, earn your way out, don't cheat your way out.

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