Pregnant? 6 Ways To Prepare Your Kids For Your New Baby


Pregnant? 6 Ways To Prepare Your Kids For Your New Baby [EXPERT]
Try these simple steps to prevent sibling rivalry among your children.

4. Your older child can help blow out the candles for the baby's birthday. When mom's dinner arrives, it will include some kind of desert. Whether it's cake or not, reach into that pre-packed hospital bag for a birthday candle. Make a big production of lighting it to celebrate the baby's birthday and ask your older child to help blow out the candles. Children love ritual, and usually they only get to blow out birthday candles once a year. Ways To Encourage Free Play With Your Baby & Toddler

5. Give your older child a new baby of their own. This idea may need modification or simply skipped for a son depending on the family. Does your daughter enjoy dolls? How included might she feel if, when Mommy is wheeled out of the hospital holding her brand new baby, your daughter also has a brand-new baby doll all her own to carefully carry down to the car? This idea often gets a lot of mileage that lasts days after arriving home.


6. Invite close visitors to include the sibling in small gifts. Finally, let your parents, family, and close friends know that you are making efforts to reduce your older child's shock and jealousy. Ask them to include your older child, by recognizing his or her new big sibling status when they first come to visit the new baby. If they will be bringing a gift for the baby, you might consider asking them to include small gift for the older sibling too. The older sibling will also enjoy opening the baby's gift because, after all, the baby needs a big brother or sister to help open gifts until he or she gets bigger!

These and other ideas can go a long way to prevent hurt feelings and jealousy when a new baby comes to share mom and dad. When you can make it a family event and not all about the baby, your family will all be able to make the changes and adjustments more easily.

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