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Kerstin Waddell (MA)

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Hi! I’m Kerstin and I love all things calm and serene, as well as anything that sparkles and makes me giggle. I’m creative, mindful, playful, caring and carefree. 

As a Martha Beck certified life coach, I work with men and women who others believe have super powers  – super competent, super responsible and super together. But what no one knows is that they often feel small, overwhelmed and even exhausted by life. They know something has to change, yet they are unsure what the best next step is …and this is where they get stuck, like a “rabbit in the headlight“.

Sometimes, these super men and women are tested beyond their capabilities – like when they lose a loved one or something that is very important to them. I help them find their balance and create a wholehearted life.

I can help you listen to your Heart Song and rise above your fears to make new choices towards a happier live.


The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

While I have always been caring, I was not always carefree or happy. After burning out twice, I decided to make some new choices and listen to my own Heart Song. At first, all I could hear were the sighs of my exhausted body and the churning of my fear-filled thoughts. Then I learned how to gently hold my heart as it slowly opened and released my defrosted dreams – and with it my Heart Song.

Its tune led me to study with Martha Beck to become a certified life coach, and I am now living my dream of contributing to people’s healing and living a much more balanced and happier life. As Mark Nepo in The Book of Awakening so beautifully writes: “Begin with risk and land in trust.” It is not always easy to follow your Heart Song – and I sometimes still can get sidetracked – but it is so worth it.

Kerstin Waddell

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Kerstin Waddell

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Between $51-80 per session

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Kerstin Waddell

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