4 Tips For Actualizing New Year's Intentions


4 Tips For Actualizing New Year's Intentions
Learn to re-motivate and empower yourself to get moving on your new year's intentions with ease.

4)      Am I being gentle with myself?
Be Gentle. Most importantly, moving forward with ease requires our kindness and compassion. Often times the uncertainty of doing something new and different in our lives brings about fear and anxiety. When we meet ourselves lovingly, acknowledging the fear, and encouraging small steps in the direction we wish to go, our path is usually smoother. Talk to yourself softly. Be mindful of your inner dialogue. Witness rather than judge yourself. Be curious about any pauses in progress and gently inquire within for information that can support you in moving forward.

Here’s to a year of welcoming more peace, love, and joy than ever before! How good can you stand it?

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