Ladies, 6 Red Flags You Should Not Ignore


Ladies, 6 Red Flags You Should Not Ignore
In the real world red flags, lights and signs mean stop. In the dating world they mean the same.

4. He’s secretive. Passcodes on his phone and computer? Does he block you on social media and refuse to share aspects of his life with you with you? If he is going to be in your life (and in you) then you deserve to be in his as well. If someone has nothing to hide, then they won’t. And if they do, it will become quite obvious fast. Inquire at the first glance of this red flag, if the explanation does not sit right then run, don’t walk, away.

5. He doesn’t follow though. How annoying is it when a girl friend or family member makes promises they don’t keep. Now give that empty promise some steroids and protein powder. That is the power of an empty promise in a romantic relationship. When someone doesn’t call, or plan or show up when they say they will, they are saying one of two things. First they are saying I don’t have integrity Secondly they are saying, if I don’t honor my own integrity, I sure as hell don’t care about yours. Red flag numero 5



6. The company he keeps.  Jim Rohn says “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you don’t like his friends, or family, chances are soon enough, you will also no longer like him. I once had an ex say to me “You don’t like my friends and I don’t understand yours.” He was insightful and right. Needless to say your relationship is a whole lot more than just the person you date. 

They say ignorance is ‘bliss.’ And it can be, until it breaks your heart. Yet here you have, 6 Red Flags, waving brightly, in no particular numerical order. Do what you will with this info and insights. Use these as guidelines to learn what really works and doesn’t work for you. However most importantly remember when to move forward, when to proceed with caution and when to stop any and all relationships that don’t feel right to you.

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